Independent Living Support Service

The Independent Living Support Service (ILSS) has been set up by the Orkney Carers Centre with funding from the Orkney Islands Council. The projects role is to support people receiving funding to employ a Personal Assistant to assist them with personal and social care and to enable them to live as independent a life as possible. Direct Payments are an alternative way of having your social care needs met after your Community Care Assessment. Once you have your needs assessed you can choose to receive the service from the Local Authority or you can choose to have a cash payment instead so that you can buy the service directly for yourself. There is no charge for the service with the exception of the payroll for which there is a small monthly charge.

The Independent Living Support Service is inspected by the Care Commission.

What do we help with?

  • Advertising and Recruitment
  • Advice on appropriate insurance
  • Organising relevant training
  • Payroll, tax and NI
  • Contracts, Job Description, Health & Safety Policy
  • Disclosures Please note the Independent Living Project is not an employer and is therefore not responsible for their client care needs.

Enquiries regarding the above services contact the Manager Elspeth Casely on 01856 870777

or email on [email protected]